The name is Parl, or if you like, Carl, or Paul, or as my
primary class from years ago used to call me, Parsley.  It wasn’t very hard for my daughter to design my logo. Just draw a line around the dome. I’m a bald dad and husband with seven children. I’m a web developer, IT guy, and entrepreneur who has lived in Utah for most of my life. I attended BYU, UVU, served the people of Arkansas for a couple of years, and trashed my knees playing ward ball. I’m actually missing one daughter in this picture because she’s serving the good folks in Calgary, Canada.


Thanks for visiting and checking out my thoughts, ideas, passions, ramblings, diatribes, musings, etc.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you would like me to consider!

Rely on Character, Not Personality

My daughter Ella just took 2nd place in oratory at a major debate tournament at BYU.  I found her speech to be apropos to the…

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My Time on the Hill

To make my decision to run, I decided I would spend some time with my representative Keith Grover up on the hill.  He was very…

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There is no such thing as a true conservative

A provocative statement to be sure.  Was spoken by John Curtis at one of his campaign events.  Is it true? The Proper Role of Government…

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Changing the Face of Politics

I'm really tired of all the same old approaches to politics and games that are played.  I suspect a lot of other people are as…

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Revenue – Taxation, Licensing, etc

Keep revenues relevant and less arbitrary. That means making sure any government source of revenue should be as directly tied to the service it provides…

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Economic Development

While the government is not responsible for the success or failure of an economy or a creator of jobs, constitutionally or otherwise, I realize that…

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Town Caucus – SB54

At the end of the constitutional convention, Mrs. Powel asked Franklin “What have we got?...” His reply “A republic, if you can keep it.” I…

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Utah Lands

In 2014, 64% of Utah was Federally owned. Utahns know best what to do with Utah lands. The constitution allows 10 square miles for a…

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It feels like we're trying to be all things to all people when it comes to transportation, which doesn't get us the best bang for…

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Education – Bring it Closer to Home

Utah ranks 20th in education Pre-K-12, and 31% of our budget is spent on Public Education. More money has not led to better ranking.   Success…

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Questions From PR27

Hi County Delegates, Thanks to everyone for serving in your precincts!  I love being a part of this process, both as a delegate and as…

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Letter To Delegates

Dear Delegates, The name is Parl, or if you like, Carl, or Paul, or as my primary class from years ago used to call me,…

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My Legislative Lens

I wrote a blog post back in 2010 that explained how I would gauge my vote for candidates as a delegate.  You can read it…

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