Economic Development

April 6, 2018 pjohnson 0 Comments

While the government is not responsible for the success or failure of an economy or a creator of jobs, constitutionally or otherwise, I realize that how well it runs and stays out of the way can encourage a stronger economy.  It is the free market that is the key factor in a healthy economy.

Given that, here are two major issues that can “encourage” a healthier economy.

  1. Strengthening the higher education system. Constitutionally, it is the responsibility of the State of Utah to maintain public schools, at least one agricultural university, and a higher education system.  I had the opportunity to see Keith Grover play a major role in this area as a co-chair over higher ed.  He has done a good job in that position.  Because higher education has to compete in our state, it has to be efficient and strong. Competition is its accountability.  Keeping our universities strong produces more entrepreneurs, skilled workers for the workforce, and builds strong character.
  2. Stay out of the way of small businesses. It has become a bad habit for our state to tax anything it can define or put on a chart.  We need less regulation, licensing, and taxation of small businesses to let them flourish.

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