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Revenue – Taxation, Licensing, etc

April 6, 2018 pjohnson 0 Comments

Keep revenues relevant and less arbitrary.

That means making sure any government source of revenue should be as directly tied to the service it provides as possible, i.e. gas taxes should be used for roads, infrastructure, and services related to transportation.

Licensing should not be used as an arbitrary source of revenue cloaked in the idea that we’re protecting the community.  I work in the alarm services industry as a programmer.  I don’t sell or handle security equipment at all, yet I had to drive to Sale Lake for most of a day to obtain a license.  I took no test, I just filled out paperwork and my company paid all the fees.  Now my company has to keep track of all the licensing requirements for all employees and pay employees to spend their time getting them.  A clear example of licensing overreach and arbitrary revenue that is not adding any additional safety or protection to consumers.

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