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Town Caucus – SB54

April 6, 2018 pjohnson 0 Comments

At the end of the constitutional convention, Mrs. Powel asked Franklin “What have we got?…” His reply “A republic, if you can keep it.” I believe we can keep it!

One of the reasons I’m running is because of my passion for the caucus system.  My approach to this issue is to have healthy concerns about the legalities of SB54 but be more focused on the strength and vibrancy of the caucus system.  I am running to be a delegate’s candidate.  It is the responsibility of an elected official to be accountable to the delegates who get them there.  It is their seat in the house or senate by representation of the folks in their neighborhoods who counted on them to represent them.  I intend to come back to LD61 and report directly to the delegates in whatever fashion I can.  It is my wish to make SB54 completely irrelevant due to a strong caucus system.

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