April 6, 2018 pjohnson 0 Comments

It feels like we’re trying to be all things to all people when it comes to transportation, which doesn’t get us the best bang for our buck and in some cases becomes more of a hindrance that a useful service.

Some of the same problems presented by the role and size of government in education has plagued our transportation as well.  While sitting in on a transportation committee meeting in this last session, I witnessed a couple of different legislators express their hopes that the over 200 page bill presented by UTA will make all our transportation dreams come true because they didn’t have the ability or time to read the entire bill.  They had to take UTA’s word for it.

While there have been some good things done with transportation, ie. Front Runner and infrastructure improvements, other expensive things have stopped making sense.  For example, Front Runner removes the need for extra lanes on the interstate, Trax takes up to as many as 3 lanes in cities.  In some cities that may make sense, but it doesn’t in Orem.  It would make more sense to take Front Runner down to Spanish Fork and do something more related to an interstate which is more related to the state’s jurisdiction rather than leaking into our communities where they are taking up more space than they are alleviating.

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